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1. The experience. Im in college, which means money is always lacking Which means an opportunity to take on a UNPAID internship position is flabbergasting. However in the long run in my career its not gonna matter than i had two jobs in retail but rather the experience that i can use in my career.  I learned so much that you can never get in a classroom work environment! You won't learn unless you actually do the job
2. Balancing a JOB and an Internship & School.  It can be done ! I go to school year round including paymaster and winter-mester (10 days 7 hours a day- its crazy!) Many people think you can't manage a job, an internship, and your school work. Its just a matter of commitment and great planning. This is a great time to a get  VISUAL internship you only need to commit 10-15 hours a week and you can do it from home- Im a communication  major to doing social media internships were a great bonus!
3. Added To My Resume. I don't have much  working experience and I'm sure a retail job isn't going to impress PR agencies. My unpaid internships may not have paid me but they added a lot of nessesary value to my resume.                          .                                                     4.Gave me Connections. I was able to meet valuable contacts in the industry from home who can eventually land me a job in the work field i wish. Thank gosh for LINKEDIN                                        .                                                       5. My industry of choice has limited opportunities locally. I live in Texas i eventually want to go into the PR world but an emphasis in the publishing world and that isn't exactly lining up jobs in the North Texas area. My interests were always in PR AND ANDVERTISINGcommunication related opportunities. Unless i want to apply for an internship at Dallas Magazing which is a great company that outlines Dallas best aspects, hotspots and north texan cultures.
6. Motivated Me to Be Successful.  After high school  everything changes you think everything just cools down. I think otherwise, In college, you start the real world , wing an adult, fixing college, and financial aid applications, and managing the rest of your life, unpaid internships got me in the mindset of i know how to do this job- Im confident in what i do. This always helps me because when its time to take a leap and make my future happen i won't be counting what i can do i the work field .

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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Winger By: Andrew Smith


When Fourteen year old junior Ryan Dean finds himself  rooming with the school's jerk, in love with his best friend, and in a dorm full delinquents and troublemakers, will 'Winger' survive his junior year?
 This is a guy's book, it is hilariously addictive, filled with snarky comments and raw honesty.
Winger, Andrew Smith’s latest book,  i was first drawn to the cover it intrigued me (not that a bleeding kid with tissue up his nose would  necessarily intrigue me, but it did)   I was even more exited when i read the synopsis and realized it was set in a boarding school! 

 Lets just say ever since reading John Green's Looking for Alaska i have had a soft spot for the scrappy, but vulnerable type.

Ryan Dean West is mart like really really smart (but apparently only in school), Passing buy as a scrawny 14 year old junior Ryan Dean is best know as "a skinny as loser.  But he is fast, which grant him the position as a WING in the school's Rugby team.  
So what did this kid due to earn him a spot in a dorm full of troublemakers? Ryan Dean West is smart but apparently not smart enough when he got caught hacking a teachers cellphone. Thus he landed in the 'Opportunity Hall' rooming with the jerk known, as Chas Becker. A gay best friend across the hall, and desperately in love with Annie his best friend who is  also two years older than him.
Late night poker games, alcohol, and middle of the night prank's Ryan Dean is in for a hell of a ride.

This kind of protagonist always intrigues me in a way, he is  wicked smart, and has hilarious insight commentary.  Andrew Smith is amazing at envisioning such a character that is not one dimensional. He is a tough kid on the field  but gets bullied off the field because of his scrawny nature. on ething i can say about this book is you will literally strain your vocal cords from laughing so much. (My voice was raspy and husky all day long) 
The thing about this book is how it crosses So many boundaries of appropriateness (NOT RECOMMEND FOR AND UN-MATURE AUDIENCE)  And because it does its why is so great! Its one surprise after another  and its real and raw, which gives us an insight into a mind of teenage boy and lets face it the experiences of puberty and high school all wrapped up in to a pretty little bow.
And i was totally delighted with the comic book references throughout the book, i alway love some good *but sarcastic Art!
The big message throughout the book is the reality of how to live one's life, apreacitae what you have, and don't pine after what you don't! Winger makes mistakes, he gets stuck in a  whole lot of drama, but he also makes great friends, and ultimately does the best he can with what he has. He is the kinds guy  you want to be around all the time, and he is the kind of guy that will tell another guy straight up to his face that he loves him* ( In a totally bromance kind of way)

I recommend this book 100% you won't put it down  i can guarantee it!  i think any one who reads this book will end up experiencing life in a another level. Thanks Andrew Smith! 
``Check out Grasshopper Jungle also By Andrew Smith''

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New Launch!

Hey guys this is the NEW LAUNCH of my blog! i apologize for not updating in so long i was just swamped with school!  Nevertheless i am so exited to start up my weekly posts! A little change there will be more book reviews than normal. I realized that there is where i truly want to be this blog will be mainly a lifestyle blog with a bit of everything. My first POST will be up tomorrow, after that i will be posting on Monday's and Fridays!  Also did you notice i got my own domain, the official name for this blog is now 

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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Book Review: Paper Towns

Book: Paper Towns

Released: September 22, 2009 (Speak)
Source: Purchased Copy
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When Margo Roth Spiegelman beckons Quentin Jacobsen in the middle of the night – dressed like a ninja and plotting an ingenious campaign of revenge – he follows her. Margo’s always planned extravagantly, and, until now, she’s always planned solo. After a lifetime of loving Margo from afar, things are finally looking up for Q . . . until day breaks and she has vanished. Always an enigma, Margo has now become a mystery. But there are clues. And they’re for Q. Printz Medalist John Green returns with the trademark brilliant wit and heart-stopping emotional honesty that have inspired a new generation of readers.
Like all of John Greens books, Paper Towns is funny, widely intelligent, as vastly enduring. You get hooked right from the PROLOGUE!

I first heard of John Green through his youtube channels ( I admit crash course saved my GPA a few times) last year just as his promotion for The Fault in Our Stars was on full effect. I heard splendid  reviews about it but i was skeptical to go on that rollercoaster of feels* But read it anyways of course, as well as all of his other books including the Personal Favorite, and emotionally crippling Looking For Alaska.

Paper Towns was fantastic EPIC"" i wouldn't expect anything less from John Green. Its not another run of the mill stereotypical coming of age story. Paper Towns if oozing with romance, its riveting in the prospect  of gripping you from the get go. I think the aspect that differentes John is his appeal to a funny story but also making it serious in terms of the big picture. His themes also come full circle and Paper Town wasn't an exception. The theme of Paper Towns is that understanding a person’s logic, reason and concepts is more important than understanding a person for what you (personally) believe them to be or what you wish them to be in your mind. “What a treacherous thing to believe that a person is more than a person.”.
The story starts with Quentin, who by an unbelievable circumstance lives next door to Margo. Margo chooses Quentin, who has been in love with Margo since they were kids full night adventure he’ll never forget, before she disappears. Quentin learns that Margo has left puzzling clues of her destination before fleeing, and he intends to unpuzzle those clues that will eventually lead to the greatest treasure of all. Margo.
What i loved about this book what that it had an emphasis in searching. Not specifically only for Margo, but searching for your identity, friendship, and the greatest search of all ...searching for what truly matters in life. The book’s dialogue and writing style comes of as funny, nerdy (compliment) very mature in spite of being a coming of age story. The character’s are each their own not one character is spawn just to exist but have a deep meaning and importance to the overall story. Green writes in a way that connects to any reader and you can't wait to divulge the whole book in just a few hours!
What i most like about the book and in short the author itself is his ability to write not to satisfy the reader’s but to deliver an overall AMAZING and engaging story that does what a book is supposed to do, TO THINK AND TO FEEL.
I can't say anymore unless i spoil it for you. All i can really say is engaging this book is totally worth every feel, and it demands to be read without SPOILS, as it will take you on a ‘rollercoaster that can only go up’**

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